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Finding a Concept 2 Rower on eBay: Choosing the Right Model

If you want a compact way to work nearly every muscle in the body, a rowing machine is a potential answer. Luckily, eBay has plenty of both new and used Concept2 rowers offered for sale. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you.

Choosing a model: which one suits your home?

Depending on how much you already know about the Concept 2 rower, you may or may not realize that there are several different models to choose from. These are listed below:

  • Model D. This model is the most affordable Concept 2 rowing machine available, although it has enough functionality to be a great home workout machine.
  • Model E. This is a model with a higher seat height than the Model D. This is especially useful if you are getting on the rower from a wheelchair or if you simply prefer a higher seat. Additionally, both the Model D and Model E have the ability to separate in the middle and fold for easy storage.
  • Dynamic. This a rowing machine designed to mimic rowing on the water, which is a good idea if you row on a team.
Considering performance monitors

One special feature of Concept 2 rowers is that they feature a series of performance monitors. Each one starts with the letters "PM" followed by a number--the higher numbers indicate an increased quality of monitoring.

When purchasing a Concept 2 rower used, be sure to check which performance monitor it has. These monitors can be switched, so there is always the option of retrofitting a newer model to your existing rower. If you are unsure of how to do this, be sure to consult manufacturer instructions.

Other considerations

Whether you are purchasing a new Concept 2 rowing machine or a used model, there are a few things to look for to ensure you get the right machine for you:

  • Condition. Be sure to look closely at any machine you are considering. A rower in good condition is likely to last a long time. A used Concept 2 rower that appears damaged may not function properly.
  • Maintenance. Similarly, if you can, verify that the machine has been well maintained. Has the chain been oiled? Are the grips in good condition?
  • Double-checking the listing. In searching for a Concept 2 rower for sale, you likely will see that eBay includes many parts listings as well. Be sure that you are purchasing a whole machine and not just a part.
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