Printers, Scanners and Supplies

Find Printers for Sale

When deciding between printer models, whether they’re ink-jet HP printers or laser Canon printers, consider both what and how much you’ll be printing. Offices that print often may want to stick to laser printers, as they are faster and can print large quantities. Ink-jet printers are less expensive and more suitable for home use. Both models are available as all-in-one printers, which have the capability to print, scan and fax documents. If you want to print from multiple computers or your smartphone, consider a wireless printer. And if you’re all about the future of technology, make your own visions come to life with a 3-D printer kit.

Get the Right Ink Cartridges for Your Printing Project

When you’re browsing online printers, check their ink cartridge specifications as well. Not all printer ink cartridges are made the same. It’s important to choose cartridges that are recommended by your printer’s manufacturer to ensure proper printing. Shop around to find the best price for the ink cartridge you need, as costs can pile up over time. Whether you need an ink cartridge from Epson or the HP 61 ink cartridge, you can find plenty of options from brand-name suppliers on eBay.

Stock Up on All Your Printing Supplies

eBay makes it easy to never run out of printer photo paper or ink cartridges again. If you know you’ll be printing often, buy printing supplies in bulk to avoid a last-minute disaster. Browse our selection of printer ink, toner and paper from brands like Brother and Canon to always be prepared for your next project.

High-Tech Scanners for a Perfect Image

Browse eBay to find a host of scanners for sale. Like printers, there are a number of things to consider when looking for a scanner online to find the right one for you. While most home scanning won’t require more than the scanner on an all-in-one printer, consider a flatbed scanner if you need to scan delicate objects like bound books or photos. You’ll also find 3-D scanners (as well as 3-D printers) for bulky objects. A sheet feeder or automatic document feeder will help if you often scan long, multi-page documents.