Getting the Right Compustar Remote

A Compustar remote lets you automatically start, unlock or open the trunk of your car from a distance away. While each remote has similar functions, there is variation between each model in terms of distance, feedback and other special features. This guide will help you choose the right one, and you can easily find both new and pre-owned remotes on eBay.

What make and model cars do Compustar remotes work with?

Every Compustar remote is made to work with a certain make of car, such as Dodge, GM, or Acura. All of the major makes are covered, but they dont make remotes for specific models. To see if your car is compatible, you would have to check the manufacturers website for a Compustar remote compatibility chart. In general, most cars made after 2005 are compatible. Be sure to check this first to ensure that your car is compatible.

What range is available with Compustar autostart remotes?

Compustar car starter remotes come in a variety of ranges. The most common range is around 3,000 feet, but this depends on which model you choose. Others can reach one, two or even three miles, and those connected to your smartphone have an unlimited range as long as your device has internet service. You can also find models that reach 800 to 1,000 feet if youre looking for a more affordable Compustar car starter.

What special features are available with Compustar remotes?

Each remote is slightly different and there are numerous special features to choose from based on your needs or preferences. The most common special features youll see are:

  • Smartphone Connection - Instead of a traditional remote, this allows your smartphone to start, lock and interact with your car. Along with getting unlimited range, this can also track your cars location. Youll receive a piece to install in the car itself.
  • Two-Way Feedback - A one-way feedback remote just lights up when you push the button, but a two-way remote will light up and also give you an audio confirmation to let you know that the command went through.
  • Water Resistance - If you find yourself around water often, or if youre just worried about the Compustar remote shorting out from water, then you may want this special feature. It will prevent the remote from being damaged by water exposure.
  • LCD Screen - This is an interactive screen that displays information about your car and menus for the various features of the remote.
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