Complete Pond Kits: Add That Little Extra to Your Garden Landscaping

A garden pond or water feature, with small waterfall or fountain, provides that extra element of sound and movement missing in so many UK gardens. On eBay, you will find GRP preformed pools, raised ponds, pond liners of all sizes and materials, and complete pond kits to help make your pond that little more interesting.

How deep does a pond need to be?

If you are installing a wildlife pond, it can be as shallow as an inch, gently sloping down to 12 inches. With the pond planted out with oxygenators, grasses, ferns, and rushes; invertebrates, amphibians, and other wildlife will soon begin to colonise it. If you intend to keep goldfish, a minimum depth of 18 inches in the south of England, and 24 inches in the north is required for the fish to overwinter successfully.

What are the most important accessories to add to a garden pond?

Getting the correct balance in a pond can be very much trial and error when relying on plants alone. The following are a few extras that will help maintain the balance of your pond:

  • Wildlife pond: A small fountain, gargoyle, or waterfall, will oxygenate the water, and help cool it during the summer months.
  • Goldfish pond: Unless your pond holds a few hundred gallons of water, is heavily planted, and housing just a few fish, pond filtration should be considered a must. A small pond pump, driving water through a box filter and perhaps returning it over a waterfall will help keep the water sweet and clear.
  • Koi pond: Koi grow fast and can reach 24 to 36 inches in length, so need large ponds. Two or three thousand gallons is not unusual. They are also voracious consumers of any pond plants. To keep the water and carp in good condition, heavy filtration with high turnover pond pumps is needed.
If you don’t like digging, consider a raised pond

Let someone else do the hard work. eBay has a range of purpose-built raised ponds to add interest to a corner of your patio, or in your conservatory. All you have to do is unpack and install the liner from your complete pond kit into the raised pool. Add the pump and filter from the pond kit, fill with water and switch on. By adding pond plants and lighting, you get an appealing water feature that attracts interest day and night.

Use your garden to help conserve wildlife

With so much emphasis on the UK’s dwindling flora and fauna, greater numbers of homeowners are looking for ways to do their bit to help conserve our native wildlife, plants, and insects. Adding beds of wildflowers can help sustain our declining honey bee population. Constructing bird feeding stations help bird populations to survive the winter. A small pond provides drinking stations for birds, hedgehogs, and foxes, attracts colorful insects like dragonflies, and provides breeding places for frogs, newts, and other native species.