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Nissan 350Z Engines Bring Power to Your Drive

The Nissan 350Z engine is a powerful sports engine. It stems from the "Z" line of sports cars issued by Nissan in the late 1990s. The 350Z engines fit a two-door car with a large hood. Check to make sure that the engine fits inside your year's body before attempting to install.

Choosing the right Nissan 350Z engine for your car on eBay

Nissan debuted its "Z" line of cars in the late 1990s, but the fifth iteration came with 2002's (marketed as a 2003) 350Z line. The idea for the car came from the US design team. It comes with a large hood and a smaller cabin. The engine itself is a powerful 3.5-liter V6. It rests on Nissan's "front mid-ship" framework, which sets the engine back from the front axle. This gives the car balance and a little more power to the rear than a car could normally get.

Finding an inexpensive Nissan 350Z engine for sale is easy on eBay. Many of the options are for a rebuilt 2003 Nissan 350Z engine, which was the first year the car was marketed. The durability of Nissan's motors makes a refurbished 350Z motor a great option if you are a sports car enthusiast. Check to make sure that the car you plan to set the engine on has Nissan's "front mid-ship" framework. This is the framework the engine was designed for.

What kinds of things should you look for in a used Nissan 350Z engine?

Consider the cleanliness of the engine, and check all of the gaskets and O-rings. You can ask how often the oil was changed on the car, although examining detailed pictures will likely give you a good indication as well. Some people are harder on their engines than others. Ideally, you will get a lower-mileage engine that has only light wear.

You should look for rust and any abrasions. Check for any bent pieces or signs of overheating as well. Pay special attention to the screws that attach the engine to the frame. They are a good indicator of how clean the inside of the car was kept and if the car had any accidents.

What kinds of new and used 350Z engines are there?

The Nissan 350Z line has a few different models that take the same engine. There are coupe and roadster version of the car. The roadster came in Enthusiast and Touring versions. The coupe came in the following versions. A 350Z engine for sale from a different car model may have a different level of wear. People tend to use the models differently, so it's worth noting what model the engine was taken out of.

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