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Complete Engines for Honda Prelude

Your engine pretty much dictates the way that your car will perform and how much power it will have on the road. If you are looking to get a complete engine for your Honda Prelude, the process might feel somewhat overwhelming. There are some important factors to take into consideration before you make a purchase.

What's important to know before you buy an engine?

There is some helpful information you should gather when you're looking for a Honda Prelude engine.

  • Note down your particular car's year, make, and model.
  • Many engines are interchangeable, so knowing specific information about your Honda is helpful. Checking for interchangeable options is a good idea because you might find that there are more engines that will fit your car than you may have previously considered.
  • Know your VIN number: This is located on the driver's side of the dashboard.
  • Get your engine code: This can be found in the numbers in the VIN. The eighth number from the left on is usually the code.
How does the VTEC system in a Honda work?

Honda motors in many cases are equipped with VTEC systems. VTEC stands for variable-valve timing and lift electronic control. This electronic mechanical system helps as you move through RPM ranges and lets the motor's computer activate different lobes on the camshaft to assist with timing. Essentially, a VTEC system is a powerful and high-performance motor addition that can help with fuel economy, among other things.

How does a DOHC motor system work?

Double-overhead camshaft (DOHC) systems are commonly found in a variety of motors. They have two separate camshafts: one is for intake and one is for exhaust.

What are the parts of a complete engine for a Prelude?

There are a few components that are included with a complete engine.

  • Cylinder sleeves: These consist of chambers where the pistons will go.
  • Spark plugs: They create sparks that start the combustion process.
  • Valves: Intake and exhaust valves are critical for good performance and emissions control.
  • Piston and piston rings: These are metal cylinders and the seals that correlate with them.
  • Sump: This is the reservoir that stores oil.
Will a crate engine work in a Honda Prelude?

Crate motors can be directly removed from the crates that they arrive in and put into your car right away without any additional work. Crate motors usually come fully completed in myriad styles, sizes, and specifications. As long as the crate motor you purchase is designed to be used for a car like the Honda Prelude and has the correct specifications, it should be compatible with your vehicle.

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