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Chevrolet Malibu Complete Engines

Car engines work to power your car by converting gasoline to usable fuel that enables your sedan to drive. Most engines and motors are built to last for up to a few hundred thousand miles before needing to be replaced either partially or completely. When considering replacing your Malibu's engine, take into account all of the features, performance output, and motor style you prefer as well as the specifications of your sedan.

What are the types of Chevrolet Malibu motors?

The Chevy Malibu offers a few different types of engine options, and the one you choose is largely based on both what was originally in your particular model and year of car and what your personal preferences are as the driver of the vehicle.

  • Turbocharged: These motors provide 90% of max torque at high rpm, typically between 5600 and 6000 rpm. They are usually larger-sized in order to provide quick torque response from the exhaust manifolds. These engines deliver higher output than a naturally aspirated motor.
  • Ecotec: This Chevrolet motor has a cast aluminum block and head, making it ideal for the smaller 1.8 to 2.4-liter capacities. Exhaust valves are liquid sodium-cooled for a smoother drive. These can be coupled with Hybrid Malibu models.
  • Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC): This type of Malibu motor uses two camshafts in the cylinder head to control both the intake and exhaust valves. It uses less energy and allows for less restricted airflow at higher speeds for better gas efficiency.
What are the features of Chevrolet Malibu motors?
  • Six-speed: Offered in automatic or manual, all Malibu motors come stock as a six-speed that uses six different driving gears to provide an optimal MPG and horsepower combination.
  • Four-valve: The multi-valve Malibu motor allows for better airflow and higher rpm levels than smaller two-valve motors. Each cylinder has at least two valves. One is for the intake of fuel, while the other is for the exhaust.
  • Sequential fuel injection: This is a multi-port fuel injection system. Each valve within the motor opens right before the cylinder intake occurs. The individual injectors work independently from one another for better reliability and performance.
What companies manufacture complete motors for Chevrolet Malibu?

There are several different types and performance levels to choose from when drivers are looking for a Chevy Malibu engine replacement. For an original equipment manufactured (OEM) part, choose a motor produced by Chevrolet. You may also choose a complete motor from GM, Cadillac, or Buick, as they are often interchangeable with Chevy Malibu parts. Just make sure that you are selecting a complete engine that is suitable for your Malibu vehicle by checking the specifications closely.