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Complete Auto Transmissions for Chevrolet Cobalt

Your vehicle's transmission is a crucial part of its powertrain. If your transmission fails, there are options you can turn to for getting the issue addressed. You can find the transmission that fits your Chevrolet Cobalt model and learn more about it here.

What is a transmission?

The transmission is the part of a car that transmits the engine's mechanical energy to the axles that turn the wheels. It does this while also controlling the gear ratio between the engine and the axles. This allows the engine to run at higher or lower RPMs independent of how fast the car is moving on the road. When you change gears from park to reverse, it's the transmission that changes gear in response to moving the gear selector.

What is an "automatic" transmission?

There are two kinds of transmissions: manual and automatic. An automatic transmission shifts gears as the vehicle speeds up and slows down on the road without the driver needing to manage which gear the car is in manually with a clutch and shifter. Vehicles with automatic transmissions lack a clutch pedal and have a simpler gear shifter that's used mainly for choosing between park, reverse, or drive.

What causes a transmission to fail?

Transmission breakdowns are often reparable, but it also happens that an aging transmission fails because too many of its moving parts have become worn or damaged. A couple of common reasons for this include:

  • Contaminated transmission fluid: Transmissions often fail prematurely as they age when the transmission fluid is not changed. Old fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated. Rather than protecting the transmission's moving parts, it becomes abrasive or doesn't prevent its gears from grinding.
  • Wear and tear: Because transmissions have many precision moving parts, it's inevitable that normal wear and tear will cause them to reach the end of their useful life.
What options are there for replacing a transmission?

If you've never bought a transmission, you should be aware of the various options that exist that impact the life span a replacement might have.

  • Reconditioned transmissions: A transmission that's reconditioned has been taken from another automobile and had any damaged or worn parts replaced. Its lubricant has been changed, and the seals were checked for leaks.
  • Remanufactured transmissions: A remanufactured transmission differs from a reconditioned one in that it has been sent back to its manufacturer and gone through a complete overhaul. The parts that can wear out or fail have been replaced, and it's been tested to ensure it performs to OEM specs.
  • New transmissions: In some cases, if you have a newer vehicle, a new transmission that hasn't been used yet may be available.
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