Load Up and Move Out with Commercial Vans

Just the right size for a small business, a cargo van, also called a commercial van, carries equipment and supplies, enables deliveries, and ensures your business needs are met when it comes to cargo or freight. There are several types of box trucks and vans to boost your productivity, whether you need one or a single fleet of moving vans.

What Are Some Truck Types?

No two vehicles are created alike, and it's the same with commercial options as it is with personal passenger cars and trucks. Get to know the types of trucks so you know what will work best with your location before you start your search.

  • Box trucks are essentially flatbed trucks that are enclosed. This truck not only offers plenty of space you can use how you please, but it's closed on all sides, unlike a flatbed, to keep what's inside protected, safe, and secure. This term is sometimes interchanged with cube vans.
  • A delivery or cargo van is meant to hold freight until you get it safely to its destination. These are generally standard-sized and may or may not offer a view since some do not come with windows installed for security purposes.
  • Step vans let drivers stand up while driving, since they'll step in and out frequently for deliveries. This makes business convenient, and you'll find them from dealers pre-owned or new here on eBay.
Features of Box Trucks

So you need a truck to haul your cargo. You've decided what kind of truck you need, but knowing about what some of the features you can select will help you narrow down the possibilities.

  • An automatic lift gate can save your back some potential pain.
  • Refrigerated trucks keep flowers from wilting and food deliveries fresh.
  • A model with a crew cab lets you bring along a passenger, such as a delivery person or coworker to take some of the workload off of you.
What Are Some Makes and Models of Trucks?

Now it's time to look into what make you desire and check into the available models on eBay. If budget is a worry, then look for an older model year that's pre-owned and been well-maintained; these trucks are built for the long haul, so buying a used vehicle is a convenient way to save some cash.

  • Some common car companies also make trucks for commercial use, including Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu. Some standout models from these companies include the Ford E350 multipurpose 12-foot truck, the Chevrolet Express convenient cargo van, and the Isuzu NPR refrigerated truck for perishable deliveries.
  • Freightliner is a well-known name in the box truck world. Models include the heavy-duty MT-55 step van and the M2-106 with a powered lift gate.
  • International and Kenworth are both companies that are worth your time. The International 4400 features a crew cab, and the Kenworth T-300 offers 20 feet of space.

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