Commercial Tabletop Serving Options for Your Catering Needs

If you work in the catering business, you know that there is a lot of catering equipment, dinnerware, and other supplies that you are going to need to serve your customers with most of these items easily found on eBay. Depending on where the dinner is going to be served, you may need to have larger supplies to keep the food warm as it is being served as well. Dinnerware is also something that will need to be included in most tabletop serving options because you are not going to want to serve guests at a wedding on paper plates.

Is there tabletop serving equipment considered essential for buffets?

When you have a buffet, the most important thing is to keep the food warm, so you are going to need dishes to place the food in and a heat source. Chafing dishes are the metal dishes that you use to keep the food warm at any type of event where food is served. It comes with a lid that is simple to open and close and a space where a heating element can be placed underneath the dish.

The most common heat source that you can find on the market is chafing fuel, and it comes in small cans that will burn for about two hours at a heat of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Dinnerware to serve the food on as well as utensils will also be important to have so that your guests will some elegant dishes to eat off of.

Benefits of serving at buffet tables

When you serve food for a large crowd of people, it is important to use a serving dish or a chafing dish that will allow you to keep the food warm. These dishes will easily be able to store enough food to keep a large party of people satisfied, and they can easily keep the food warm for a period of two to three hours. They can also be filled with ice to chill salad and fruit if you need.

Disposable supplies that a caterer may want to have

When you are catering food for a party, there are going to be some disposable supplies, also available on eBay, that you will want to have as well. Some of these items include:

  • Styrofoam coffee cups to keep beverages hot
  • Napkins for the guests to use
  • Boxes for guests to take leftover food home
  • Bowls for dessert to be served in