Commercial Screen & Specialty Printing Equipment

If you are looking to make commercial designs for business, advertisements, or even a gift, a piece of commercial screen printing equipment that is easily found on eBay would be a great option for getting the job done. There are a couple of different types of equipment, and they can work on different types of material, allowing many creative possibilities for you to choose from.

Types of material commercial screen and specialty printing equipment works on

Reading the details of each individual piece of equipment is the only way to get a definite answer on a specific product. However, you may be able to get a generalized idea of what materials you can usually print on using these pieces of equipment. The equipment can allow you to print onto T-shirts, bags, mousepads, puzzles, tiles, plates, and other items that have flat surfaces.

A few of the types of material that you can typically transfer words and photos onto include:

  • Cotton
  • Fiber
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Glass

Why would I need a Teflon plate or sheet?

Teflon ensures that your equipment doesn't stick to the item you are transferring to, which prevents burning or scorching from occurring. Some of the commercial heat transfer printing equipment comes with a Teflon-coated plate attached, but, if yours doesn't, you will need a Teflon sheet to place on the equipment.

Is there a heat setting, thermometer, and timer on most models of commercial pad printing equipment?

Yes. These are all quality and safety features of the equipment and allow you to ensure working quickly without making mistakes or injuring yourself. The thermometer can gauge the temperature from 0 degrees, all the way up to 399 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0-200 degrees Celsius). The timer can be set for up to 9,999 seconds, ensuring that the equipment doesn't get left on if forgotten.

What makes the swing-away feature so useful?

The swing-away feature on commercial screen printing equipment allows for 360-degree rotation of the upper heat plate. This gives you a minimized risk of touching the heat plate while you are working because you are able to easily move it aside. It also makes it easier for you to work quickly and efficiently with changing garments and doing transfers on the bottom heat plate.

Can you change the pressure of the equipment based on the thickness of your material?

Yes. Using the pressure adjustment knob, you can adjust the amount of pressure used during the printing process. The reason you would need to do this is that different materials require different amounts of pressure to be used in order to print correctly. This is normally based on the thickness of the chosen material.