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Commercial Sandwich and Panini Grills

Commercial Panini Presses and Sandwich Grills are handy because they make feeding your family fast and easy. Busy working moms can quickly make sandwiches that are filled with nutritious ingredients to feed a hungry family, a much better option than picking up fast food on the way home. These handy commercial sandwich makers can be used to grill meat or veggies as well, providing a wide variety of options for any meal of the day.

What is a panini press?

A panini press, which is sometimes called a sandwich grill, is a countertop appliance that makes paninis. The top lowers with a handle onto the sandwich to grill it on both the top and bottom, flattening it slightly to meld the flavors and melting cheese.

What types of sandwiches can be made on a press?

The types of sandwiches prepared on commercial sandwich press are limited only by your imagination. There are many wonderful options to suit your mood or the event. Anything from a plain grilled cheese to a Cuban sandwich can be made.

How do you make a sandwich on a commercial press?
  • Preheat your grill.
  • Pair your favorite bread with meat and cheese, add a few crunchy vegetables like onion and green pepper slices, and slather on a little mustard. Don't forget the pickles.
  • Place the sandwich on the panini press, close the lid, and grill until done.
  • Slice the sandwich diagonally and serve.
What other food can you make on a press?

You can make a wide variety of food on a panini grill other than sandwiches. Chicken or fish can be grilled on it between the plates. Hash browns and bacon are a snap for breakfast on one these panini presses. Whip up juicy burgers and steak without having to heat up a full-sized grill outside. There are a bunch of recipes that offer unexpected ways to use a sandwich press, including cakes in a pan, homemade waffle cones, and other yummy desserts.

Can this be used to make vegan meals?

Yes, eggplant and other veggies can be prepared on the press as a main course or delicious side dish. Sandwiches can be made vegan-friendly by using vegetables, hummus, and tofu products, along with regular toppings such as pickles and mustard. These grills are handy for all dietary needs.

Is a panini press hard to clean?

No, cleaning a panini press is quick and easy. Let the press cool down. Then, wipe the non-stick plate with a dishrag. Most panini presses have non-stick plates, which makes cleaning them a breeze. Once the inside has been wiped down, let it air dry.

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