Commercial Roll-Up Doors

Roll Up Doors for Your Garage Storage Needs

If you need some new doors to spruce up your commercial storage facility or warehouse, try looking for steel roll up doors on eBay. Roll up doors may vary in terms of materials and colors, but they are all designed to keep your stored items high and dry. Some of these commercial doors come pre-assembled, while others feature quick installation.

What colors do these doors come in?

The standard colors in which these roll up doors are produced include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
How do these doors operate?

Standard roll up doors have a number of different segments which are all connected by hinges on their edges, but they move independently when the door is opened or closed. This independent segmentation model makes it easy for these doors to roll up in a large spool at the top of the door. When it comes to the mechanisms that allow the door to open and close, there are two functions involved:

  • Electricity: Many of these doors can be opened using small motors. When these motors are engaged, they cause the spool attached to the door to move one way or another, opening or closing the door.
  • Manual opening: These doors are also equipped with metal handles at their bases. These handles can be gripped and pulled upward to open a roll up door, and they can be pulled down to close it. They come in handy during power outages or when other opening mechanisms are unavailable.
Can roll up doors create sealed environments?

If these commercial rolling doors simply lowered flush to the ground, they wouldnt create effective seals against environmental conditions. However, many of the steel rolling doors on eBay are equipped with bulb seals. These seals consist of rubber cylinders that are hollow on the inside. They attach to the bottom of the rolling doors, and when they hit the floor of the garage, they compress to create an environment-proof seal. To make sure that that your roll up door will seal properly, ensure that it is equipped with a bulb seal.