Restaurant Refrigeration and Ice Machines
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Keep Frozen Food Frozen
Depending on the size of your kitchen area, a walk-in freezer may be the best option. Not only can you store more food than a standard commercial freezer, but you can walk in, close the door behind, and quickly reach the items you need without letting any of the cold air out. Shelving makes it easy to group foods by type so you spend less time searching and more time cooking.

Keep Cold Foods Cold
It's important to keep cold foods cold to reduce the risk of spoilage. When it comes to a commercial cooler, the two most common designs are walk-in and reach-in. Which one will benefit you most? Again, it comes down to the size of your kitchen and how much food you have to store when determining whether you go with a walk-in cooler or a standard reach-in one.

Homemade Ice Cream
You can't go wrong with a commercial ice cream maker. The key is to find the type that not only fits into your kitchen but fits the demands of your customer. You have the option of getting a hard or soft commercial ice cream machine. No matter which one you go with, the key is to produce a tasty finished product the keeps the people coming back for more.

Signature Ice Chips
As important as it is to keep drinks cool it's also essential to provide customers with clean tasting ice chips. Before you pick out a commercial ice machine, consider the shape and texture of the ice cubes as well as the filtration system in place. Often, when a restaurant has nugget style ice it quickly becomes known for its ice. The main reason behind this is because nuggets retain the liquid in the tiny spaces between the compressed flakes. When you chew on it, you get the flavor of whatever beverage you were drinking. Of course, it's also the kind of ice that most people are happy to chew on alone, without adding soda.