Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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The kitchen is command central—it is where food gets prepped, cooked, and plated. Don't be overwhelmed by the number of choices for commercial kitchen equipment. Do the research, so you know what exact piece you need and what features you require on the tool. No matter what type of kitchen equipment is desired, getting high-quality items that will last for years will make your work life easier. The key to getting the proper equipment is knowing the menu, the space available and how knowledgeable the staff is at using certain gear.

It Starts on the Prep Station

A prep station or prep work area is a must when it comes to purchasing restaurant equipment. It is the spot where everything gets started, from cutting lettuce for salads to slicing meat for sandwiches. Stainless steels tables with backsplashes are ideal because they clean up easily, can be sanitized, and the back guard keeps food off the walls.

Move on to the Grill

There are several different types of ranges, grills, and griddles out there. In order to find the one for your kitchen, you need to know what types of food will be cooked on a daily basis. For example, those that serve pancakes, eggs, sausage, chicken, and hamburgers will benefit from having a flattop grill. What's more, most of the flattop models feature individual heating controls so multiple types of food can be fixed at one time.

Add a Side of Fries

Do you want fries with that? If the answer is yes, then a commercial deep fryer is for you. A fryer or fryolator not only fixes French fries but will deliver tasty chicken wings, cheese sticks, and anything else you want to deep fry including desserts like deep fried cheesecake, making it an essential piece of catering equipment.

Make Cleanup a Breeze

Once the food as been prepped, cooked, and eaten, it's time to clean up. Since most commercial kitchens use larger pots and pans, the sink needs to be deep to accommodate the dirty dishes. A bar sink with three compartments allows workers to wash, sanitize, and rinse without having to change the water.

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