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Got one to sell?

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Commercial Fryers
There is just something about eating food that that you deep fry to perfection; everyone wants to do it. It may not be the healthiest option, but often it is the tastiest. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a commercial fryer, you can do them both on eBay. You will find the largest selection and best values when you start your shopping on eBay. What’s more, you can find the brands you trust such as Pitco, Henny Penny, and Frymaster, all of which have been manufacturing high-quality products for years.

Pick your Type
Knowing where the commercial fryer will sit helps to determine the type of unit you will need. For some kitchens, a smaller countertop unit provides everything you require to get the chicken nuggets from the fryer to the plate. However, in some situations, a larger floor model is the better option because it allows you to fry more food at one time to keep up with the busy lunch and dinner rush.

Fry up Special Orders
It's not just about the French fries and the chicken wings. Specialty commercial deep fryers give you the option to deep fry just about anything you can imagine. How about adding donuts, funnel cakes or deep-fried Twinkies to the menu. Keep your customers guessing what the next deep fried creation will be coming from your kitchen.

Fuel Type
The age-old dispute is gas versus electric. There are pros and cons to both systems, but it honestly comes down to your kitchen set up. An electrical commercial deep fryer takes longer to heat up, but it has a faster heat recovery between uses and has more installation options because it's not on a gas line. Kitchens that use a gas commercial deep fryer will notice higher maximum oil temperatures and a faster heat up time but the initial cost of setup and hook up may be more costly than an electric system. What works for one kitchen may not work for another.

Parts and Accessories
Don't forget about the various accessories you will need to accommodate a commercial deep fryer. The number one accessory is the fryer basket. It needs to be large enough to hold what you plan to cook and durable to stand up to the high temperature of the oil. What's more common to keep the oil free of contaminants you will need fryer oil filter paper or filtration units that extend the life of the oil. Lastly, you need to implement oil disposal units for safe removal and disposal of used grease. It needs not only to be efficient, but it needs to be environmentally safe.    

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