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Find Great Deals on Commercial Combination Ovens

Wouldn't it be nice to have one oven that combines the function of many appliances? Instead of having an individual steamer and a convection oven, as well as a separate range, you can combine all of these and have one combi oven. There are many options of both new and used models on eBay.

Types of combi ovens

There isn't just one type of combi oven. There are a variety of sizes, different types of controls, and a wide array of functions. Even within brand names, there are different models that offer various benefits. To narrow down the choices, consider one of these top brands:

  • Rational combi oven
  • Alto Shaam combi oven
  • Miele combi steam oven
  • Electrolux oven
Boiler vs. boilerless combi ovens

Your combi oven will be designated as either a boiler oven or boilerless. A boiler model is also called a steam generator model. In this type, a tank will boil large amounts of water to generate steam and then inject the steam into the oven. A boilerless model injects water right onto the heating element. Boilerless models are most ideal for systems that use soft water since they won't cause buildup in soft water. Boilerless models are more common in Europe, so you will often see that the European ovens, such as the Miele steam oven, are boilerless. They are starting to get more recognition in the US, making them easier to find in recent years.

Should you get a gas or electric combi oven?

If you are already set up to run either gas or electric, you may have to stick with the same type. It can be expensive to put new gas lines in. However, if you have the ability to choose, there are a few considerations for each type.

  • Gas oven: Innovations in gas ovens have increased their efficiency over the years, with some top models almost 50% more efficient than a similar electric model. The burners on a gas stove directly transfer energy and heat up immediately.
  • Electric oven: If you live in an area of high elevation, you will want an electric oven, as gas ovens do not work the same as in lower elevations. Additionally, the initial cost for a gas oven is generally higher than an electric one, and you also have to consider the ongoing expense of providing the type of fuel the oven uses.
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