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Children of all ages love to read and look through comic books. Many of the comic book characters that adults today have grown up with, now have cartoons and movies that have been made from their franchises. Action figure toys have been available for years, first being released in the 1950s. Action figures help extend your child’s fantasy of some of their favorite characters in your own home. With the wide variety of toy figures available, children can pit different comic book characters against each other.

Comic Book Action Figure Characters

No matter what comic book character your child admires, there is an action figure out there for them. You can find characters from Marvel Universe and DC Universe. Spiderman, Batman, and Superman all have several toys on the market. X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and Fantastic Four, all have a wide selection of action figures to choose from. The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America have also branched out from their character families and have individual toy figures representing specific movies that have been made highlighting their stories.

Figurine Fashion

Many of the characters have toy figurines that have multiple outfits or accessories to accompany each outfit. In addition, certain characters may be released as special edition figurines or have an action figure to commemorate a special year in the character's history.

Brand of Action Figures

There are several toy brands on the market that make comic book action figures. Many of these companies manufacture toys suitable for children to play with, while others are known for the production of high-quality collectible figurines. ToyBix, Mattel, DC Comics, Marvel Legends, Hasbro, DC Direct, Kenner, Mego, and Diamond Select are some of the companies that mass produce these action figures. Some of these companies are known for their production of some of the original comic book heroes. McFarlane Toys is well known for making the high-quality collectible toys that demand top dollar.

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