When you're enjoying your favorite outdoor sport or exercise routine, comfortable clothing that's fun to wear can enhance the experience. Columbia's stated mission is to offer apparel and footwear that keep outdoor enthusiasts dry, protected, warm in cold weather and cool when it's hot.

What is Columbia?

Originally a small store, Columbia Hat Company, Columbia Sportswear Company was founded in Portland, Oregon. This retailer has been around for more than 70 years and is a brand sold in stores throughout the world. Columbia Sportswear's product lines for all members of the family include items such as outerwear, athletic wear, accessories, and shoes. The company also makes specialty gear for sports like fishing, hunting, skiing, and golf.

What apparel does Columbia Sportswear offer for men and women?

Although people wear Columbia Sportswear for many casual and leisure activities, its clothing is primarily considered as athletic wear. For cold weather wear, the company offers Omni Heat Fleece for men and Benton Springs zip-up fleece for women. Ski jackets like the Bugaboo, parkas, and rain jackets are also available for both genders. Columbia also offers casual shirts, blouses, pants, and other clothing for outdoor sports.

What kinds of footwear does Columbia Sportswear offer?

Columbia offers various types of footwear for use in every season. You can find winter boots for ice and snow, as well as shoes for walking, hiking and trail running. The company also makes sandals, flip-flops, and boat shoes for warm weather. Those looking for something a little dressier will find that Columbia Sportswear has comfort flats like Mary Janes and clogs.

What styles of outerwear does Columbia Sportswear make?

Columbia makes rain gear, vests, ski jackets, parkas, windbreakers, ski/snow pants, and more. The Columbia brand is best known for its Bugaboo ski jackets. Bugaboos have an outside shell designed to protect against the elements and a removable fleece liner for added warmth. For those who like to fish, Columbia also has a special line of Performance Fishing Gear (PFG).

Does Columbia Sportswear make clothes for kids?

Almost anything that you can find for an adult, Columbia Sportswear also makes in a kids' version. Columbia makes jackets, clothing, and footwear for infants, toddlers, and big kids. You can find Bugaboots to help keep kids' feet warm, and Columbia Sportswear's Omni Heat and Bugaboo jackets can also provide added comfort in the snow and on the slopes. Columbia also makes kid-size hats, mittens and scarves.

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