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How to Select Totoro Collectibles

You have a shelf full of Studio Ghibli collectibles, but something's not quite right; you're missing a Totoro collectible, which can be remedied by selecting from a variety of options. An award-winning animated film created by Hayao Miyazaki and released by Studio Ghibli, "My Neighbor Totoro" was released in 1988 to much acclaim, earning Miyazaki a reputation for whimsical anime-style films and paving the way for his future works, such as "Spirited Away." Along with the movie came numerous collectibles and merch for fans of the film to enjoy.

What Are Some Collectible Totoro Toys?

One of the most enjoyable ways to collect Totoro merchandise is by purchasing toys that look like the characters from the film.

  • A Totoro plush doll comes in many distinct sizes. These plush figures look like the oversized lovable grey title character. There are also plush toys that look like other characters from the movie, such as the Catbus, the dust bunnies, or the soot sprites.
  • Totoro action figures are another type of collectible merchandise, and they represent Totoro along with human characters or the Catbus. These typically small statues and figures can either be played with or displayed.

What Kinds of Totoro Bags Are Available?

There is a wide range of Studio Ghibli Totoro bags to select from that fans of the movie can carry. These cute carryalls come in varied sizes, and a bag is a fun and practical way to show off your fandom, whether you're carrying school supplies, traveling, or taking your lunch with you in a lunch bag.

  • A Totoro backpack is a type of bag with straps that fit over your bag to keep your hands free. Some bags are made of leather, and some are plush purses that feature Totoro's face or entire body.
  • Totoro bags that are in tote-bag form are oversized bags with long handles that hold many items. Messenger bags are also another option if you are looking for a larger bag.

What Are Some Totoro Housewares and Crafts to Collect?

Collectibles aren't limited to toys and bags or even garments like T-shirts. Housewares that feature cute Studio Ghibli movie characters are another type of collectible, and some of these are even limited-edition or rare items.

  • Teacups, mugs, and tumblers come in assorted materials with a range of Studio Ghibli character designs. Bottles and tumblers are made of plastic or stainless steel, and most mugs are ceramic. Additionally, tea mugs may or may not have handles.
  • Art prints, posters, rugs, calendars, and tapestries featuring "My Neighbor Totoro" characters offer a way to decorate your home with these anime characters. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. 
  • Kids and adults can put Studio Ghibli puzzles together that feature characters from this and other Miyazaki films. The difficulty level varies by how many pieces are included in the puzzles.
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