Add a Touch of History to Your Home or Office With Cigarette and Tobacco Signs

Metal tobacco signs offer a colorful way to decorate your walls and display a bit of history. Dating back to the late 1800s, cigarette signs are highly collectible. You will find a wide selection of old cigarette and chewing tobacco signs for sale on eBay.

What types of affordable tobacco signs are available for sale online?

Many old cigarette signs for sale were advertisements that featured brightly colored text. Some tobacco signs are made of cardboard, tin, or porcelain. Some have brightly colored lithograph images. They come in an array of shapes and sizes to fit any space on your home or office wall. The three main types of tobacco signs were cigarette signs, cigar signs, and chewing tobacco signs. Typically, they advertised specific brands such as Marlboro, Camel, or Kool. So, you can collect them that way. Or, you can collect by material, time period, or shape. Almost all tobacco signs for sale were produced prior to 1965, the year when Congress enacted the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act that required all cigarette packages to carry health warnings and strengthened the Federal Trade Commission's regulation of the tobacco industry.

Essentials to look for in vintage cigarette signs for sale

Old cigarette signs for sale are great collectible items that are prized for the subject material and their visual qualities. You want to look for signs with very few defects, although some marks on older tobacco signs may not negatively impact the value. Neon cigarette signs should still be in working condition. However, if they are not, it may be possible to repair them. Paint on signs should not be faded and have few chips or scratches.

Rarity plays a key role in the value of vintage tobacco signs. It may be due to small quantities that were produced or artificial scarcity, such as what occurred when older signs were donated to World War II efforts because of their high metal content.

What brands of old cigarette signs for sale can you find?

Just about every cigarette manufacturer has some form of tobacco signs to collect. You can find a Powell tobacco sign, or you can collect Marlboro signs. If you focus on collecting chewing tobacco signs, you will find them from Mayo's, Spark, Copenhagen, and Climax. Cigarette makers include Camel, Winston, Kool, Chesterfield, and Favorite. Cigar signs are equally interesting, and you will find an eclectic range of makers including Cognac, Dutch Masters, Camacho, King Alfred, The Hoffman House, and Counsellor.