Collectible Telephones: From Basic to Ornate Styles

Since the invention of the telephone, a wide array of phone designs have been in common use. Telephones have ranged in style from simplistic to ornate with color choices varying from stark black to antique gold to shocking pink and radiant red. Vintage phones of all ages and styles have become desirable collectibles that are widely available on eBay.

Some outstanding old telephone designs

Some of the most outstanding designs in old phones for sale include the following diverse vintage telephone styles:

  • Candlestick Phone - Different models of these sleek black vintage telephones can be seen in old movies. The most common candlestick designs displayed as eBay old phones were designed with a base with a long cylinder-shaped neck that sat upright on a table or desktop. At its top sat a transmitter, or carbon microphone, for speaking into. The receiver, or earpiece, was hung on a switch-hook extending to the side. To place a phone call, you would remove the receiver from the hook, activating an internal switch. This switch connected the vintage phone to the telephone line for reaching the call recipient.
  • Antique Rotary Desk Phone - Among the old telephones for sale, this antique corded vintage telephone design has rotary dialing. Different finishes are available, including bronze, antique white, and black. These vintage phones display precise workmanship. This telephone was used in homes and office settings. The old phone receiver sits in a pair of gold-finished metal prongs supported by the ornate phone base. Different brands and models of these types of vintage telephones have varied decorative gold designs around the dial.
  • Vintage Princess Phone - This classic telephone design is known for its rounded edges, sleek style, and compact size. It may display 10 push buttons or a rotary dial for buyers who prefer either updated technology or classic design. You can customize the old telephone settings for turning the features of tone/pulse and ringer volume on or off. Some old phones for sale do not include polarity guard dial, which must be connected to ensure successful calling.
Essential qualities to look for in vintage telephones

Some important features and qualities to look for in affordable eBay old phones include the following:

  • Good Condition - Make sure that any collectible vintage telephone that you buy is guaranteed to be in good working condition, with all of its working parts intact, if this is important to you.
  • Phone System Compatibility - If you plan to use your vintage phone, check to ensure that the model you purchase is compatible with your telephone system or that it can be altered for compatible use.
  • Preferred Phone Weight - If you want a lightweight phone, a princess model is a good choice. If you want to try using a heavier phone, a candlestick design may be right for you.
Are there vintage telephone brands?

The following brands are known for their leading antique and old telephone designs:

  • Stromberg-Carlson - This brand is known for its collectible candlestick design telephones.
  • Fosa - This brand is recognized for its ornate antique style rotary-dial desk phones.
  • Western Electric - Princess style telephones were introduced to the market by this brand.