All You Need to Know About Collectible Police Patches

Whether you're a member of the police force, past or present, you value and admire the men and women in blue or you simply enjoy collecting rare and valuable artifacts, buying collectible police patches is one way to fuel that passion. Collectible police patches vary in origin, category, and design, making for a range of interesting and worthwhile collections. Learn how to choose collectible police patches on eBay and build a collection you can be proud of.

How to choose collectible police patches for your collection

Law enforcement patches for sale are categorized in several different ways, the first and most obvious of these being by locality of origin, be it city, state or country. Another way police patches for sale are sorted is by the branch of law enforcement they represent. You can find many a police patch collection for sale containing only FBI patches or DEA patches in addition to standard local police department patches. Other law enforcement departments and branches with police patches to collect include the Department of Corrections, the K-9 Unit, Immigration and Deportation units, and Search and Rescue unit patches. Still another way to build a police patch collection is by rank, collecting police patches of only deputies, captains, rangers or sheriffs. One last way to choose collectible police patches is to look only for ones that are no longer made or in use. These will often be marked on eBay as "defunct" or "obsolete".

What can you consider when buying used patches?

If you can find new police patches to add to your collection, by all means, grab them. But oftentimes the only remaining police patches available of a particular type are used. When a police patch you desire for your collection is only available used, deciding whether or not to buy a particular used version of that patch comes down to its condition. Ideally, you want all the police patches you add to your collection to be devoid of frayed edges or embroidering, cuts, tears or holes, and marks or stains.

What different styles of police patches are available to collect?

Police patches come in an array of shapes, styles, and designs, including star-shaped and shield-shaped police patches. The most common types of police patches for sale based on how they're worn or utilized are shoulder patches and breast patches. You may also find brass pin-on and slide-on police patches as well as police patch decals for sale on eBay.