What Are Some Tips to Consider When Caring for Collectible Lunchboxes?

Although the condition of collectible lunchboxes varies greatly based on age, properly caring for a lunchbox helps to maintain value and prevent damage. Keeping lunchboxes away from sunlight and moisture is important, but occasionally cleaning them with quality dish soap and water and then drying them thoroughly is permitted. Display lunch boxes in an area of the house that has a cool, dry atmosphere. Frequently check the lunchboxes for signs of rust, fading, dust, and rodents, moving them to another location if you spot a problem.

How Should You Properly Display and Protect Your Collectible Bobbleheads?

Keeping bobbleheads in their original boxes or foam packaging prevents fading, cracking, and loss of value. However, when displaying them in a living room or entertaining area, gently placing bobbleheads into clear display cases is a good idea. If possible, choose cases that feature UV protection that shield the collectibles from damaging sunlight. Frequently dusting the cases and checking them for signs of moisture or rodents catches problems before they damage the bobbleheads.

What Are Some Tips for Beginner Pinback Collectors?

When first starting to collect pinback buttons, begin by setting a reasonable budget and sticking to it. Do research before purchasing expensive buttons, using guides and other literature to compare the buttons to originals and ensure authenticity. If possible, seek the guidance of a professional or a fellow collectors when making decisions about valuable pinbacks. Be gentle when cleaning pinback buttons, avoiding liquids and strong polishes. When storing or displaying pinback buttons, avoid drastic changes in temperature as that can cause cracks. Displaying pinbacks in clear cases is a great way to show them off without risking loss or damage.