PEZ dispensers are more than just a sweet treat holder, they are miniature works of whimsical art. From beloved cartoon characters to holiday icons and unforgettable super heroes, there is a PEZ dispenser that can steal any heart and earn a special spot on the display shelf. Collectors can find a large selection of PEZ dispensers on eBay, including rare and hard to find items. Purchase a set for an on-the-go friend to always have a bite-size candy or give one to the tiny treat fan in your life. "Star Wars," Disney, and Charlie Brown are just some of the retro dispensers that are waiting for you, as well as a variety of nostalgic figures from your favorite movies and TV shows. 

Fill your display case with vintage promo glasses and tumblers by discovering the wide range of collector series glasses. Comic book characters and famous cartoon figures never fail to put a smile on a person's face while quenching your thirst. Pick up a practical set to use around the house while purchasing new items that are missing from your personal collection. Look for limited edition cups from restaurants and major brands, such as vintage Pepsi and McDonalds tumblers from the 1970s and 1980s. 

Carry keys in style by selecting the fob or keychain that reflects your personality and interests, like a glamorous rhinestone owl or a gothic-inspired silver skeleton. Find a unique keyring for giving as a gift to a friend, or boost the functionality factor by opting for a purse bag pendant for your keychain. Keep it simple and elegant with a classic leather or titanium loop keyring that allows for easy customization.