Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

When you think about comics, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it flimsy old stapled paper books whose pictures are printed on messy newsprint? Is it dimly lit stores with bins upon bins of comic books? With the movement of comics into the mainstream, both would be outdated ideas, replaced instead with books that feature sophisticated forms of printing, and stores with a robust clientele. Comics are collectibles appreciated by more people than arguably ever before, many of whom appreciate them for the art form they are by adding collectible comics to their collections.

What is Collectible Original Comics Art?

Collectible comics are the original proofs that artists used when creating comic books. This could come in the form of panels, sketches, covers, and other preliminary comic book artwork for some of the comic world’s most famous works. This term can sometimes be used to encompass original printings of full issues, though it more frequently refers to elements of the comic instead.

An Original Collection

Without question, collecting original comic art is something for true collectors who have more than a little disposable cash to throw around as a means of supporting their hobby. While it’s definitely possible to find pieces at reasonable costs, some art (depending on how rare it is) can fetch thousands of dollars on resale. With that in mind, the first thing that collectors should consider is that they’re likely looking at a sizeable investment. If that’s something they can live with, collectors can should narrow their search by determining whether they’re looking for drawings and sketches, interior pages, cover art, or other forms of original art.

Grading Out Well

With the type of investment that original comics art represents, it’s extremely wise to seek out art that’s received elite grades from CGC, which is the industry’s leading comic-book grading company. Collectors may also wish to make sure that the art that they’re buying comes with a certificate of authenticity as well. If you’re only buying the lower-end versions of art and plan to use them as decoration in your home instead of for collection/investment purposes, grading and authenticity may not be of as much importance, however.

Comics as Art

Collectible original comics art goes a long way towards recognizing comic books as the true art form that they truly are, not to mention that it gives collectors a glimpse at the journey from pen to page. While it’s not a hobby for everyone, serious collectors can derive great enjoyment from adding collectible comics to their collections.

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