Police Badges: Putting a Collection in Order

The lure of collecting antique police badges for sale is that obsolete badges represent law enforcement agencies that operated once and now their legacy resides in a meaningful slice of history. Since a wide eBay selection of collectible police badges is available, this guide will help you select the perfect badge. Remember that badges may be worn on not just the breast pocket, but also the collar, belt, epaulet, hat, or wallet.

Selecting international or domestic badges for sale

Obsolete police badges for sale spark your interest in history and law enforcement. If you are looking for good solid workmanship, then you'll appreciate a clean-cut stamp on metal that is the hallmark of a solidly made badge. As is the case with antiques, there are grades to help you choose:

  • Excellent means that the stamped numbers and names show crispness and no rust and that the pin remains affixed. Excellent antique police badges for sale have been well-cared for despite their age. If there is paint present, then it remains complete.
  • Fine condition indicates that the badge shows dings or scratches and that the pin's placement may be insecure. Paint may have flaked or faded.
  • Good condition indicates that the stamped part remains attached to the base and that all writing is legible. The pin may be bent or its fastening prong absent. The overall badge could show scratches or slight rust. Paint may remain only in deep grooves.
  • Fair condition is still collectible. Fair means that the pin could be absent or the base slightly separated from its stamped covering. The entire badge might be bent, but the general shape is not lost, and all text is legible.
Are there differences in international badges?

Badges might be in a different language or alphabet than the Roman one used in writing English. The Arabic numerals on badges are worldwide.

Are there ways to specialize in types of collectible badges?

An interesting aspect in obsolete badges is that changing times bring changing names such as the Indian city Kolkata, which used to be called Calcutta. A badge containing a historical name will be prized, particularly if a date is stamped somewhere on the badge. Another way to specialize in specific badges is material, such as bronze, gold, silver, nickel, or enamel. Jurisdiction could prompt selecting badges from the UN, a certain city or county, US marshal, Pinkerton agency, game warden, or state police such as the Texas Rangers. A badge showing decorative or meaningful ribbon decor would be another way to specialize.