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Collectible Newspaper Comics

When it comes to comic collectibles, there’s a lot more to please a collector than simply the comic books themselves. If you’re a fan of a particular genre or character, you can collect other memorabilia such as posters and comic book figurines. However, some comic characters and books got their start in the Sunday newspaper. From Peanuts to Beetle Bailey, people have been cutting out comic strips for years to hang them in their offices or on their refrigerators. Vintage comic strips from these papers are highly collectible, and even in modern times, there are many strips and reprints available for the comic collector on the pages of eBay.

How Did Comic Strips Begin?

As the comic strips themselves are a precursor to comic books, many often wonder how comic strips first got their start.

  • The first comic strip was highly political, and appeared in 1827 under the title “The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck.”
  • The first non-political strip was published in 1865, and was called “Max and Moritz.”
  • The first true comic strip is considered “The Yellow Kid,” published in 1895 in the New York World.
  • The Golden Age of comic strips and the Golden Age of comic books occurred at the same time, and these early strips spawned the books.

What Types of Comic Strips Should I Look For?

As there are several different types of comic strips typically available for sale, there are a few ways to separate and decide what you’re interested in.

  • Cutout strips: These are strips cut directly from a newspaper that someone has saved. They are often just the paper itself, or laminated for preservation.
  • The entire newspaper: Sometimes, collectors will have saved the entire comic page from an old Sunday newspaper. This page contains several different types of comic strips.
  • Journals or books: These are books or journals dedicated to the comic strip themselves. These are likely reprints of strips that once appeared in a newspaper.

Which Comic Strips Became Popular Comic Books?

As strips were popular before comic books themselves, there are a few key characters that got their start in the Sunday newspaper.

  • Dick Tracy is a popular character that began in the Sunday news. One of the first comic strips ever written, it would later become a comic book, and even a character in movies.
  • Blondie is another popular comic strip that would later be part of a comic book series. In many newspapers, Blondie is still in print today.
  • Archie and his friends, such as Veronica and Jughead, also got their start in the Sunday news comic section.
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