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Music Boxes Combine the Joy of Music With Collectible Mementos

Are you looking for a fun and creative new collectible for a pastime or hobby? Perhaps you need a memorable gift for a friend or relative that will create a lasting memory. In either case, you can find a number of collectible music boxes for sale on eBay.

Factors to consider when choosing a music box eBay lists

Since there is such a large selection from which to choose, here are some critical factors to consider:

  • Decide if you want an antique or vintage collectible or a new design.
  • Consider your gift recipient: if the music box is for a young child or a senior, steer away from the breakable and fragile models.
  • Determine your budget for your music box purchase. There are affordable mass-produced new imports as well as more expensive, elaborate collectible models of music boxes for sale.
Varieties of collectible music boxes available

eBay lists thousands of varieties of reasonably priced music boxes for sale from many genres. Most are wind-up, but you can find hand-cranked versions as well. Here is a general idea of what is available.

  • There are thematic and lyrical music boxes to match specific tastes, i.e. "Gone With the Wind," Christmas themes, photo frames, and merry-go-rounds.
  • Porcelain, wooden, plastic, metal, resin, and glass music boxes are available in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions. Do you need a small music box or an eye-catching one like a large Logan music box for sale?
  • You can find new and/or contemporary designs and mass-produced music boxes, many with embossed themes, such as the queen music box.
  • Newly manufactured wooden music boxes can be personalized for your gift recipient
  • Aged, vintage, or even antique models, working and non-working, are also available.
What kinds of music, tunes, and musical genres can you find?

The most common genre in a typical music box for sale has been and continues to be classical music. This is likely because classical music is timeless and does not have a tendency to be kitschy or cliche. Here are some typical themes or songs you might expect to see:

  • Nursery tunes or those appropriate for babies and small children, like "Rock-a-Bye-Baby"
  • Big band or mid-century favorites like "Luck Be a Lady," made famous by Frank Sinatra
  • Favorites of Disney such as "It's a Small World"
  • A myriad of classical tunes from Bach to Chopin to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake
  • Typical holiday tunes such as "Jingle Bells," "White Christmas," and "Silent Night"
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