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People have always had a fascination with weaponry, and in many ways, it's easy to understand why. Examining the types of instruments that different cultures and societies have used to defend themselves serves as an important part of their histories. From spears to bows and arrows to firearms to even knives, weapons are a big part of any society's history. With that in mind, it's no surprise that collectible knives have become a favored target of many collectors.

Elements of Knife Collecting

Though it's referred to as knife collecting, it is a hobby that involves much more than simply purchasing knives to add to a collection. Knife collectors also enjoy the pursuit of searching for knives to acquire, as well as cataloging, maintaining, and displaying the knives that they own. Collectors may start their collections early in life and then stop, while others continue the hobby as they get older. Some collectors also demonstrate a preference for antique knives, which can be collectible but are often considered as different from true collectible knives.

A Sharp Collection

Collections can include relatively inexpensive pocket knives or range all the way up to elaborate knives that are worth thousands of dollars. The type of collectible knives that a collector chooses to add to his or her collection rests solely on them. As you decide which knives to add to your display case, you should first determine the kind of knife that appeals to you most. Are you a folding-blade or fixed-blade person? Are you into larger swords or are you a movie buff who would enjoy collecting replicas of the knives and swords used in your favorite films? The possibilities are truly endless.

Cutting Edge Brands and Metals

Along with the type of knife, you'll also want to consider the kinds of materials you prefer. For the blade itself, you can choose amongst options that include stainless steel, aluminum, and even rubber, while for the handle, there's an even wider range of choices such as bone, horn, leather, and many more. One of the most important things that many collectors look for is the artistry that's evident in the handles of knives. The elaborate carvings and images that manufacturers and knife-makers put into their work draws collectors to certain knives over others and is a main consideration when choosing which one to buy.

Knives Out

Whether you're drawn to a blue Cold Steel folding pocket knife, a steel-blade bone-handle pocket knife, or a replica Valyrian steel sword like the one used by Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, collectible knives are one of the world's most popular collectibles. By taking your preferences into consideration, you can create or add to a knife collection that's both impressive and rich in detail.

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