Collectible Key Chains Tell a Story

You may collect vintage keychains as souvenirs from places you've visited or as gifts bestowed by friends. Some collectible keychains are made with features that could come in handy during an emergency. Whether your goal is to collect or use these miniature keepsakes, take steps to keep the items protected and preserved.

What Types of Keychains Can I Collect?

  • Disney Keychains: When visiting a Disney theme park, sometimes you're greeted by Mickey. For that reason, a vintage Disney Minnie or Mickey Mouse keychain may bring back fond memories of the event. The iconic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Disney keychains feature the familiar black, gold, and colorful polka dot attire.
  • Novelty Keychains: Choose a vintage collectible shaped like a chicken that once pressed lays eggs. Squirt gun keychains hold water so you can spray an unsuspecting friend. On the other hand, you may prefer a retro or antique keyring that has the Eiffel Tower dangling from the ring.
  • Star Wars Keychains: The nostalgic appeal of a collectible keychain, such as Darth Vader or Yoda, helps you recall favorite movie scenes. Maybe you'd prefer placing your keys on a Stormtrooper figurine or have your house keys hang from the Millennium Falcon.

What Are Some Good Uses for Keychains?

They can make great gifts. For instance, a collectible starfish keychain for a diver would be fitting, or maybe a keychain photo frame for new and established parents. Alternatively, give an engraved keyring in a presentation box as a gift to commemorate a retirement or other milestone. Moreover, keychains shaped like miniature scissors that actually cut are not on:y fun but also useful. Similarly, a compass keyring can point you in the right direction, while one that has a metal bottle opener keeps the drinks coming. Furthermore, these accessories may contain emergency whistles, tape measures, and other useful items, such as a self-defense tool to break a car window.

How Should I Take Care of My Collection of Keychains?

You'll want to preserve your vintage keychains so they stay in pristine condition. Choose a display case such as a shadow box that frames your prized vintage items. You can add small hooks inside to hang and separate the pieces. Furthermore, the box can be placed on a wall away from pets and children. When you'd rather not dust your collectibles, purchase a plastic container with a cover. Glue hooks inside when placing the container upright or lay the keychains flat when placing the box on a table for viewing. Likewise, you should not store several keyrings on one hook as the metal keychains could rub together and wear away the finishes.