About Kerosene Lamps

The cabin's interior is lit with a warm reddish glow, the rough walls washed in brilliance while you read comfortably in a chair by the window. A kerosene lamp can serve many purposes, from mood lighting in a country home to emergency illumination in the event of an outage. Kerosene burns without odor so you do not have to worry about stinking up your living room. These lamps have glass chimneys to keep fires fed with oxygen and fumes safely channeled. An antique kerosene lamp can also be an attractive decorative element in a home with a more traditional sense of aesthetics. A vintage kerosene lamp with a filigree cage or some form of bronze sheathing or metalwork around its glass reservoir and chimney cuts a handsome profile on a shelf, and when lit, its ruddy light throws long, deep shadows and provides enough light for a late-night game of cards or to read by after the sun has gone down. You can find a kerosene lamp through the vast inventory of lamps and glassware on eBay.