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Collectible Harley-Davidson Jewelry

Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle company that was founded in 1903 and has found success as a motorcycle brand. The company has a loyal following of customers that actively collect Harley-Davidson-themed merchandise to complement their love for this brand of motorcycle. In addition to their motorcycles, the company sells a complete clothing line, collectible jewelry, toys, models, and even themed video games.

Does Harley-Davidson make jewelry for women?

Harley-Davidson has a full line of jewelry that is dedicated specifically to women. This line includes different types of items ranging from a delicate bracelet to a black skull ring. Many of the pieces are limited-run items, so they are often highly sought after in the market. Harley-Davidson also sells many combo sets such as a necklace and bracelet, or a necklace, ring, and bracelet for women.

Does Harley-Davidson jewelry for women come in only black metal?

Harley-Davidson has worked to be creative when designing jewelry for women. They still offer many of the traditional jewelry designs such as the black bracelet adorned in skulls, but they also provide choices such as a fine gold chain necklace sporting the Harley-Davidson logo as a charm. The same broad range will also apply to any ring made for women by Harley or any jewelry sets.

Does Harley-Davidson also make collectible jewelry for men?

Harley-Davidson has a complete line of jewelry for men available. Many of the pieces designed for men include the skull ring or skull pinky ring in silver or black. You may also find a chain bracelet or necklace or sets that are designed to match. Many of the Harley-Davidson jewelry pieces for men incorporate the logo into the piece.

How can you tell if Harley-Davidson jewelry is authentic?

The best way to tell if a Harley-Davidson ring, bracelet, or necklace is real is to check the stamp at the clasp or on the inside of the ring. Most authentic pieces will be marked as Harley-Davidson, though some of the older collectible pieces may not have this mark. If you are purchasing any ring, bracelet, or necklace that is made from precious metals, make sure that the piece is accurately marked with the type of metal used.

Can your Harley-Davidson jewelry be resized at a different time?

If the Harley-Davidson jewelry that is purchased is made from a precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum, it can be resized at a later time. This applies to any ring, necklace, or bracelet made from these metals. However, if the Harley-Davidson ring, bracelet, or necklace is made of stainless steel or other metals, you may not be able to have it resized.

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