Treat Yourself to Vintage Glamour With a Collectible Cosmetic Compact

Whether you want a collectible or you just need a mirror you can carry to freshen your lipstick during the day, you'll enjoy showing off a vintage compact powder case from 1930-1949. You can find a large selection of collectible cosmetic compacts for sale on eBay at reasonable prices.

How do you select a vintage loose powder compact?

There are a few things to consider when you select a vintage loose powder compact case, including:

  • Styles: Choose a vintage loose powder compact based on your style preference. Check out a vintage Art Deco compact from Evans, Richard Hudnut, or Mondaine. These compacts are available in round, rectangle, or square shapes and come in fun patterns such as embossed flowers, geometric designs made from Lucite, and rhinestone lacework. For a conversation starter, choose a vintage loose compact powder case in the shape of a book, military hat, or fan.
  • Sets: Antique face powder compacts may be available as part of a set. Some come accompanied by cigarette holders, lipstick holders, lighters, combs, perfume holders, or purses. If you want a variety of these collectibles, look for sets or lots of two or more compacts of various sizes and styles.
  • One- or two-sided mirrors: Many of the antique powder compacts for sale on eBay are one- or two-sided mirrored compacts. Many have compartments for lipstick, powder, blush, mascara, or a small comb. The vintage compacts can have a clamshell hinge or sliding closure.
Some features of antique face powder compacts

Many antique compact powder cases have features on the cases that are encrusted with jewels, sequins, and pearls. You can also find some affordable antique makeup compacts with straps or handles, so they can double as purses. For an unusual twist, some antique powder compacts can also act as music boxes or key chains. If you're looking for original vintage makeup compacts, eBay has a wide array of Kotler & Kopit and Schildkraut compacts to choose from that may be embellished with rhinestones or pearls, feature two-toned gold, or be bolster-shaped.

Antique powder compact price guide

The antique powder compacts on eBay vary in size, style, and available features, all of which determine the value of the piece. If you want a basic compact with a mirror and few embellishments, the price is likely to be less than that of one ornately covered in beads that comes with a lipstick compartment, or one you could use as an evening bag. eBay offers three price categories you can search to find the item that suits your budget as well as your personal style.