Collectible Comics Storage Supplies

Collecting comics is a fun and rewarding hobby, but after you have a few in your collection, the issue arises over how to store them. Not only do you want to protect comics from any type of elements, such as a moist or warm room, you also want to organize them in a way that makes them easy to display, thumb through and show to friends and other collectors. You can find myriad options for storing your comics in a neat and tidy way. Choose from many unbranded options on eBay or well-known brands such as BCW.

What Are the Advantages of Collectible Comics Storage?

There are many reasons to store your comics. Because comic books are fragile and are essentially constructed of paper and glue, the main reason is to protect them from damage. Others include:

  • Ease of organization: If you store many comics in a collectible comics supplies box, you can thumb through them easily to find a title you're looking for. Alphabetize them, or organize them by genre.
  • Protection: If you have highly valuable comics, you'll want them to hold their value over time. Encasing them in a sleeve, followed by a box, helps keeps and protect corners, as well as the bulk of the issue.
  • Display: If you routinely have friends or other collectors visit, you can display some of your best issues with the right kind of storage supplies. You even have the option of wall mounting your issues, making for unique decoration and conversation pieces.

What Main Supplies Do I Need?

Comic book collecting doesn't require a huge investment, other than the comic books themselves. However, you should arm yourself with several types of collectible comics storage options for ease of storage:

  • Sleeves: These are light, plastic protective covers that slide easily over your issue. Most types of sleeves are transparent, so you can still see the cover.
  • Boxes: When you have multiple issues you want to store, after you place the books in sleeves, you can store them in boxes for safekeeping.
  • Frames: Frames are a must for the comics you want to display, either on a wall or shelf.

What Are Some Comic Storage Tips?

As you're shopping for supplies, there are a few things to keep in mind as you're perusing through the sellers on eBay:

  • Size: You want to measure your comic issues down to the millimeter for correct storage. Sleeves come in several different sizes, and while they may look the same, not all comic books are the same size, especially if you have Golden Age comics or Bronze Age comics.
  • Lids: Try to select comic book boxes that also come complete with lids. This way, if you have multiple boxes, they are easy to stack.
  • Bags or Sleeves: Typically, you have the option of choosing from bags or sleeves. Choose heavier weight sleeves for your most precious issues, and use bags for your everyday stock.