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Collectible Comic Magazines

If you are a fan of comic books and are building quite a collectible comic book collection, you may also enjoy comic magazines. Instead of being a standard comic book, comic magazines are similar to other monthly periodicals, but their content mainly contains cartoons and comics. From popular classics such as Mad Magazine, to more modern favorites such as anime themes, there are many choices available on the pages of eBay. You can also choose by genre, such as humor/satire collectible magazines, horror collectible magazines, sci-fi, fantasy, and many others.

What Is the Difference Between a Comic Book and Magazine?

Those that are new to the world of comic collecting may be wondering what the difference is between a comic book and a comic magazine.

  • Story: A comic book usually tells a story. While there may be different chapters of the story (told in different or subsequent issues), there is typically one central theme. A magazine may contain many different comic strips by different artists, as well as print articles.
  • Size: Magazines or periodicals are generally much larger than standard comic books. Graphic novels are also typically larger and longer than either a comic book or magazine.
  • Publisher: A magazine is often authored by a publishing company and its employees, while many of the earliest comics were simply an author and an artist (or one sole creator).

What Different Types of Comic Magazines Are There?

When it comes to magazines, there are several different types to both collect and enjoy:

  • Standard issue: This issue is simply a regular monthly (or bi-weekly/bi-monthly) issue published by the magazine. A standard issue would often read like, October 1999 or July 2005.
  • Special issue: Special issues are often highly collectible and are similar to books in that they are one-time publications such as vintage special issues of Mad Magazine, or Archie. These issues may be quarterly, seasonal, or once a year.

Are Comic Magazines Highly Collectible?

Just like with regular comic books or graphic novels, there are some issues of comic book magazines that are highly collectible and sought after. There are a few ways to tell how collectible your magazine is, as well as tips to help protect your issue.

  • Grading system: Just like with comic books, sports cards, and other memorabilia, there are companies that will authenticate and grade special and standard issues of comic magazines.
  • Self-assessment: You can always look at your magazine and give it a self-assessment. Regular comic books have a grading system of 0 (poor) to 10 (mint), to describe their condition. Magazine grading is similar. If you have a vintage issue in a condition that rates a 9.4 or higher, it may be highly prized.
  • Protect your issues: To keep comic book magazines in top condition, buy sleeves or bags made precisely to fit comic book magazines. This way, you can protect your issues from moisture and temperature damage.