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Collectible Comics Art Posters

When you’re involved in a hobby such as collectible comic collecting, you may also want to collect different memorabilia and souvenirs as they relate to some of your favorite comic books. Art posters are a great way to display some of your favorite characters or best-loved art from different issues on your walls. Whether you’re a big Wonder Woman fan, or you prefer anime, there are many different collectible comics art posters to choose from on the pages of eBay.

What Are Some Different Types of Posters?

While there are myriad characters to choose from to grace your walls, there are also different poster styles to consider as you’re making your selections.

  • Vintage covers: These are smaller “posters,” which typically come framed or sealed. Instead of being modern posters, these prints are actual prints or reprints of comic book issue covers. If you prefer vintage characters and issues, this is a great choice.
  • Full-size posters: More modern characters and types will come complete as full-size posters. Depending on the newness of the poster, it may come already framed, or in a roll for you to frame yourself.

What Are Popular Poster Years?

Keeping in mind that some posters are issue covers, you can divide posters into the same time frames that you would divide the popularity of comic books into:

  • Platinum Age comics: 1897-1937
  • Golden Age comics: 1938-1955
  • Silver Age comics: 1956-1969
  • Bronze Age comics: 1970-1983
  • Copper Age comics: 1984-1991
  • Modern Age comics: 1991-present

How Do You Take Care of Comic Posters?

Perhaps you have too many posters to have them all hanging at one time, or you like to switch them out on occasion. There are a few tips in mind to keep your posters mint throughout the years:

Frame them: Having your posters framed and matted by a professional is one of the best ways to keep them from moisture, sun, and changing temperatures.

Roll them: You can also store posters in tubes or rolls. Do not keep them loosely stored with a rubber band; instead, get poster roll storage tubes and store them that way.

Storing them flat: You also have the option of storing posters flat. Look for sleeves or bags for smaller posters to help keep out moisture.