How Do You Safely Hang Large Wall Clocks?

To hang large, heavy clocks, it is important to use the proper support. You need a heavy screw, metal screw anchor, stud finder, drill, small drill bit, hammer, and screwdriver. Use the stud finder to find a stud in the desired location and mark the stud with a pencil. Use the drill and small drill bit to make a starter hole for the screw and then use the screwdriver to secure the screw in the stud. If you cannot find a stud in the desired area, drill a small hole and carefully tap the screw anchor into the hole with the hammer. Screw the screw into the anchor to secure it.

What Are the Main Parts of Pendulum Clocks?

Pendulum clocks consist of many moving parts that operate the clock using potential and kinetic energy. A weight stores the potential energy and releases it to the clock as it drops. A set of power gears take that energy and use it to push the clock mechanism at the proper speed. Pendulum clocks also have timekeeping gears that drive the hands around the face. The pendulum and escapement control the speed of the clock.

What Are Some Tips for Decorating With Clocks?

Consider the general theme of a room when choosing a clock. For example, a clock made of wood or repurposed materials suits a rustic room. If a clock is very large, make it the centerpiece of the room on a featured wall. Avoid cluttering the space around grandfather clocks, as the clocks are large and already draw the eye. When decorating mantles and shelves with small clocks, choose ornate pieces, such as those with hand-carved embellishments.