Collectible Christian Holy Cards

If you are looking to find Collectible Christian Prayer Cards celebrating Jesus, Mary and other saintly figures, you can find a range of them available for purchase. Prayer cards (also known as holy cards) are a way to express your Catholic or Christian faith. Holy cards depict images of religious figures and are widely used to celebrate on significant occasions. Holy cards also usually feature a verse or prayer from a particular chapter of the Bible, which can provide inspiration during difficult times or add to special events.

How Can Prayer Cards Help Me Celebrate My Faith?

Prayer cards are a time honored tradition and have been given out for hundreds of years. When thinking about how prayer cards can be helpful you may want to consider the following points:

  • Special events and holy days: Prayer cards are ideal for handing out at church on holy days, or at personal events which are important to you like a confirmation or first communion. They can be laminated holy cards or plain paper depending on your preference. Your church group or family can gift large quantities or small amounts depending on how many people attend your church.
  • Your favorite verse or quotation: Often alongside the religious art of the holy figure, your favorite holy verse can appear on the back of the card.
  • Choosing which figure is depicted: You can choose from images of Saints like St Patrick, Saint Joseph, the Divine Mercy or God himself. You can choose which saint you would like to celebrate depending on the occasion.

Should I select Antique and Vintage Holy Cards?

In addition to modern laminated prayer cards, you can also find holy cards which are rare and vintage. These cards may work for your purpose but have some advantages and disadvantages like:

  • Rare cards are more expensive: The cards are available in limited quantities and designs so it may be more difficult to find a rare card with your preferred choice of saint.
  • Antique and vintage cards do make a unique gift: Some of these cards date back as far as the 17th century. This makes them special gifts for people who may have an interest in holy history, and how prayer has a long history in the Catholic and Christian religions.
  • Vintage cards come as is: The condition of older cards may be less desirable if they have not been stored properly. This can lead to the images of the saint being warped or faded.

When Should I Gift Or Recieve Prayer Cards?

It can sometimes be confusing to consider when to give and receive holy cards. Some suggestions are occasions such as:

  • Communions: Gifting an image of a saint at a communion where we are reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus, and why we take a prayer to remember him under God can make this occasion more meaningful. It also provides a keepsake for the person to remember the prayer and that holy day in their life.
  • Funerals: Prayer cards are often gifted at funerals with the time span of the deceased life written on the card. This is a way for the family to remember the life of someone they cared for and honor their Catholic or Christian faith. During the prayer, cards can be gifted to remind the attendees of a favourite verse or prayer.
  • Church services: If your church group are passionate about prayer, the collecting and sharing of prayer cards can enhance the experience for you all.