A Guide to Collectible Budweiser Signs and Tins

Budweiser collectibles are one of the most sought-after kinds of memorabilia in the beer collectible market. Some of the most looked-for items include Budweiser beer signs both old and new. There's a wealth of these to choose from on eBay, and you can easily find the type of pre-owned Budweiser sign you've been looking for.

Can you find signs with different Budweiser branding?

You can find old Budweiser signs if you're looking for something retro, and you can find more recently produced signage if you're seeking current logos and branding. Vintage Budweiser signs have had numerous logos and designs over the years, but there's a few that gain more interest from collectors than others.

  • The classic logo - Budweiser signs with the classic red and white logo are easy to spot and feature a simple look.
  • The "King of Beers" slogan - Being the self-proclaimed "King of Beers," this slogan resides on many vintage Budweiser signs.
  • The Anheuser-Busch Eagle - While the Anheuser-Busch company produces several types of beer, their classic eagle logo is often featured on Budweiser beer signs.
  • Past ad campaigns - Budweiser has had many memorable advertisements and marketing campaigns. Old Budweiser signs can feature the Clydesdale horses, Spuds McKenzie, or pictures of their historic hydroplane and race car teams.
Is there more than one type of Budweiser sign?

Like any other recognizable promotional material, you can find several types of vintage Budweiser signs. Some old Budweiser signs are simple and unassuming, some are flashy, and some highlight a certain event or marketing campaign. Whether you're adding some flair to your home or you have a giant collection, there are three basic categories of signs to choose from.

  • Tin and metal signs - Some of the old Budweiser signs were crafted out of metal. These can be stand-alone signs that once resided in the window of your local bar or meant to be hung for promotional purposes.
  • Lighted signs - Lighted vintage Budweiser signs attract attention by being backlit to draw the eye and entice consumers to purchase their product. A Budweiser light sign comes in a range of simple logos to advertisements highlighting many different occasions on which you could drink Budweiser.
  • Neon signs - Neon signs are much brighter than most lighted signs and are commonly associated with bar windows. You can buy these for man caves and bars with a nostalgic theme.
Unusual or specialty signs

Due to the vast amount of Budweiser paraphernalia on eBay, you can find quite a few unique and remarkable signs. Some of these inexpensive signs serve a purpose, such as signs with clocks embedded in them, mirrored signs, and signs meant to hold other Budweiser collectibles. Many collectors look for out-of-the-ordinary vintage Budweiser signs, speculating that these are the Budweiser signs worth more due to their uniqueness and rarity.

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