Protect Your Bar Tables With Collectable Beer Mats Coasters

If you have an interest Tegestology, then check the eBay listings for highly collectable beer mats and coasters. Even if you only need to protect your bar tables from spilt beverages, you'll be able to find a suitable coaster on eBay for your needs.

How varied is the design of beer mats?

While the shape of the beer mats produced has remained as mostly round or square, the production of beer mats and coasters has developed and moved beyond merely being a vehicle for advertising a particular brand or range of beers. Collectable beer mats now include football team logos or other, non-beer related subjects. Beer mat sizes can range from a tiny, 1x1 inch to an impressively large 30x30 inches.

Upgrade your pub with beer mats

Many pubs have bar mats, which are often rectangular and absorbent or are made from rubberised materials to offer grip. Like a beer mat, their primary purpose is to prevent the spreading of spilt drinks, but you can also use them to upgrade your decor. The benefits of choosing beer coasters, however, includes:

  • Covering drinks: To avoid staff from taking away unfinished drinks, visitors who have to leave their table can cover their glasses with a beer mat or coaster.
  • Brand advertising: If you have a product that you need to market, then a coaster is an excellent vehicle. It can either be a beer brand, your pub, or a special cocktail.
  • Anxiety management: Customers can get bored in spite of your entertainment. Some of them resort to playing with the coaster, which is when you might want to swap out the collectable beer mats for something more generic.
Can you use beer mat coasters anywhere else?

Absolutely. Though their original purpose was for beer brand marketing, their functionality has spread to homes and events. Manufacturers are producing customisable coasters that you can personalise for your home party or company events. Wedding planners also use customised coasters to add a personal touch to the reception party.

Common beer mat and coaster materials

Modern, printed beer mats are generally manufactured from compressed paper as this provides material that is very absorbent for any beer spillage and has the advantage of being easy to print on. Over time, the options for beer mats have included:

  • During the mid 18th Century, wine bottles and decanters were placed on coasters made of wood, paper mache, or even silver. The aim was to protect the surface of the table as the wine was 'coasted' from person to person.
  • Germany saw the arrival of felt and then cardboard beer mats in 1890, while beer mats made from wood pulp started to appear in 1892.
  • In recent times, cool beer mats have started to be manufactured in a range of materials that include stone, slate, wood, glass and silicone. These materials are more durable, reusable, and are considered more environmentally friendly.