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Collectible Badtz Maru Anime Items

Sanrio is a Japanese company founded in 1960 that produces a broad variety of characters that are designed to appeal to a multitude of different people around the world with their cute appearances. One of these Japanese characters is Badtz Maru, also called Bad Badtz-Maru. A variety of toys and accessories have been designed to celebrate the mischievous Badtz and what he signifies in the Hello Kitty and Sanrio world.

Who is Badtz Maru?

Bad Badtz-Maru is a male penguin who was born on April 1. This day signifies the silly and mischievous nature the character is portrayed as having. In the Hello Kitty universe, Badtz Maru is one of the most frustrating friends for Hello Kitty. As his name means “wrong-correct,” he often performs a variety of pranks that annoy the friendlier Hello Kitty pals. For example, Badtz Maru is known to stick out his tongue while pulling one eye down to annoy Hello Kitty.

How has Badtz Maru changed through the years by Sanrio?

Badtz Maru has been tweaked by Sanrio several times through the years. For a long time, he was a bit of a combative friend for Hello Kitty. However, Badtz Maru has expanded his range of friends to include Hana-Maru and Pandaba. These characters represent a white seal and a panda, respectively. They are considered very kind and remains friends with Badtz Maru in spite of his pranks and can often be seen together with him in various pieces of merchandise.

His collectible anime items have also been tweaked over the years to contrast with Hello Kitty and her lighter and friendlier line of merchandise, generally taking part in activities considered to be more masculine. For example, he has been portrayed as an astronaut, a DJ, a monster, a boxer, a basketball player, and much more. He was also the official mascot of the 2006 FIBA World Championship basketball tournament.

What Badtz Maru accessories are available?

Items based on this character are considered to fall into the "kawaii" (literally meaning cute in Japanese) subculture by fans. These items include a variety of products, including plastic bowls, plates, and other eating utensils, school supplies, soccer balls, puzzles, keychains, lunch boxes, wallets, coin purses, notepads, storage boxes, stuffed animals, and even items from the FIBA tournament, as well as much more. There is even merchandise based on the Sanrio Boys web animation, which features Badtz Maru and friends.

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