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Collectible African Figures and Sculptures: Rich Artistic History and Myth 

The figurative art and sculptures of Africa are rich in history, legends, myth, and mystery to brighten and vitalize any home interior. Carved and crafted from pure natural timber, their skillfully created forms seem to come alive to reveal intriguing places, stories, people, animals, and events that everyone can relate to. Most of all, they symbolize the basic beauty of natural forms and the creative intelligence of humankind that you, your family, and all of your friends can gain inspiration and enjoyment from in your everyday home environment.

How to identify African carvings from different regions on eBay

If you want to collect reasonably priced African carvings from different locations across Africa, look for certain characteristics or qualities, such as the following:

  • Yoruba African figures from Nigeria - Most of the wooden figurative sculptures carved by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria are 25 to 36 inches high. They may be a single human or animal figure or include several figures as a group. Often symmetrical in design, these intriguing sculptures will add dynamic beauty, balance, and charm to your home decor.
  • African carved hornbill bird figures - Hornbill birds are the subject of carved wooden figures throughout Africa. You can find these birds in new, slightly used, and antique collectible African figures and sculptures today. The surfaces of these bird figures are often ornately carved and painted with natural pigments. As symbols of physical and intellectual powers, these gracefully crafted birds will bring vibrant style and color to your home environment.
  • Hand-carved ebony African heads from Kenya - These exquisite African head sculptures carved from ebony wood in Kenya were produced in many different eras. You can locate elegant antique heads or recently sculpted sleek modern ones. Mild imperfections in the rich wood forms and polished surfaces of these ebony wood carvings from Kenya only make them more stunning and appealing for displaying in your home's room interiors.
What qualities should you look for in new and used African wooden figures?

Important features and qualities to look for when shopping for antique African figures and sculptures that are handcrafted from wood include the following:

  • Sculptures with only minor blemishes - Some surface blemishes and scratches are normal for African tribal figurines that were carved many years ago. Even more modern African statues wood carvings may have some surface imperfections, which can add character and charm.
  • Absence of cracks in carved figures - Before buying carved African tribal figurines, examine them well for any serious cracks in the wood. Deep scars or cracks in the forms of these sculptures can indicate that these artworks may not last for long-term display and enjoyment in your home.
  • Figures without repaired surfaces - Avoid purchasing hand-carved wooden African statues that have patched or repaired surfaces. This may be a sign of more extensive damage beneath the repairs.
Other African regions known for African tribal figurines

Other areas of Africa that are well-known for their African statues wood carvings, black wooden African figures in group sculptures and African wood carvings faces are as follows:

  • Tanzania - Hand-carved wood sculptures with figurative and natural designs.
  • Liberia - Stunning wooden figures, often carved in the form of tools or utensils as well as ebony carved African heads.
  • Ghana - Primitive and abstract dolls carved in wood and decorated with beads.
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