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Coleman Generators

Coleman generators are mechanical systems that are designed to convert motive power into electrical power when there is an electricity outage. These Powermate generators may be stationary or portable, and they are built to operate on a petroleum-based fuel source.

What are the features of Coleman generators?
  • Automatic volt regulation: The Coleman Powermate brand of generators feature automatic volt regulation that allows the engine to adjust its speed and deliver more volts when an appliance that is plugged into it needs a boost of power, such as when a furnace first turns on and starts a cycle.
  • Single-stroke start: The Powermate brand of generator engines feature a single-stroke start that reduces the amount of physical effort that it takes to get the engine going.
  • Light emitting diode fuel indicator: The light emitting diode indicator shows the precise amount of propane, diesel, or gasoline that remains in the fuel tank of the Powermate generating system.
How do you choose a Coleman generator?
  • Choose a fuel tank capacity: The more HP the Powermate engine has, the more fuel it will use. If you need a Powermate model that delivers a lot of power, you may wish to select one that has a high-capacity fuel tank so that you do not have to refill the gasoline or diesel tank as often.
  • Select the continuous watts delivery level: The portable Powermate generator has a range of continuous watt delivery level for powering appliances. Add up the watts that are required to run the items you want to power, such as an electric furnace or refrigerator. The continuous rated power of the electric generator must be greater than the total voltage for running the items you want to use.
  • Choose a fuel type: Select a Powermate model that is rated for running with propane, diesel fuel, or unleaded gas.
What types of Coleman Powermate electric generators are available?

Coleman Powermate comes in a fixed generator that is designed for permanent setup in your backyard. These generators by Powermate have a high maximum output of power, at a range of 4,500 watts to 7,500 watts. They usually feature an electric start for the engine. These generators are designed to be hard-wired into your home and automatically turn on when there is an electrical outage.

There are also Powermate portable generators available. The portable generators have an engine output that ranges from 2,500 watts to 4,500 watts of constant running power. They are designed to work at a campsite and power the air conditioning or refrigerator of your recreational vehicle or a small camp stove. They can also power a network hub so that you can have internet while in a rural location. The portable generators by Powermate have a manual start and feature push bars or wheels for transporting to the desired site.

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