The Blend of a True Cole Clark Guitar

There’s a way to blend the modern acoustics of a guitar to get a classical feel and touch. A new Cole Clark guitar might be the answer to the sound you’re looking for, and you can find one on eBay. These instruments can be used to create a natural, light feel that creates a distinct sound. 

Is each guitar already packaged to power on? 

You can initially use affordable Cole Clark guitars without power. The brand works in what are primarily acoustic guitars that use electric pickups. Using the electric pickups follows the same rules as the acoustic body does regarding power. As soon as you plug in an audio cable, you have access to the volume of a loudspeaker or amplifier. 

How performance is measured 

The combination of classical features with modern acoustics is what gives these guitars a specific identity. You’ll discover the following features for ease of play and sound:  

  • Sensitive action: The measurable action of new or used Cole Clark guitars makes holding the strings easy and managing the tone effortless. The amount of rise and distance that strings have from the fretboard and its body establish how these guitars sound.
  • Auditorium molds: Getting volume to increase from six strings requires a unique formation to the guitar’s body. The cut-outs and full molds of items listed work to get your sound heard in any situation.
  • Woods for tone: Redwood tops, Blackwood bodies, maple, and bunya sides are just a few woods the luthier uses for its guitars. The selection of wood is important to changing how each guitar sounds and what it can achieve for you.
  • Electric models: There are some full-electric models by Cole Clark that are often finished with exposed woods and no special colors. You’ll find polished surfaces like maple and bunya with natural grains exposed for appeal.
  • Protected tops: Playing these acoustic guitars won’t compromise their surfaces. You have the option of pickguards or a sealed top to deal with nicks and scrapes.

Does a Cole Clark guitar require assembly? 

These guitars are ready to be played as soon as they arrive. They are packaged whole and sustain a better tone due to their pre-connected pieces. No assembly is required. The brand uses a mix of wide and slim necks for both classical and steel string options. Each assembly is produced whole with no accessories required at the onset of playing. 

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