What are Some Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners?

Beginners looking to get into the hobby of coin collection should start by gathering basic items such as a magnifying tool, price guide, and a protective sleeve or holder. Coin folders are easy to keep together in a book, though protective sleeves and coin tubes are great options as well. Wear a thin pair of cotton gloves when handling the coins to avoid transferring skin oils, dirt, and grime to coins, and always lay coins on a non-abrasive cloth when looking them over. Avoid the urge to clean coins, as doing so may damage them and reduce their value.

What Is the Best Way to Care for a Coin Collection?

When caring for coins, handle them carefully and wear soft-fabric gloves. Hold coins by their edges between the thumb and forefinger only to protect their surfaces. When handling coins without gloves, never touch the flat surfaces of coins, which can leave fingerprints and damaging natural oils behind. Store your coins in moisture-free areas and never brush or rub them to remove dirt or grime. If washing a coin is necessary, use quality mild soap and water, then gently pat it with a soft towel until dry.

What Do Coin Collectors Look for When Choosing a Magnifier?

When choosing a magnifier for a coin collection it is important to find one that has a quality lens, such as a Hastings triplet loupe. The Hastings triplet loupe uses three precision lenses, which reduce distortion for a clearer view of coins. The magnification is important as well, and a popular choice is a 7x triplet magnification. For an even closer look, some coin collectors use a stereoscope that allows for 10x to 30x magnification or higher.