About Coca-Cola Coolers

Certain brand names just lend themselves to collecting, whether it is because the items related to the brand are eye-catching or people just like associating themselves with that brand. Both are true regarding Coca-Cola, and some of the best and most functional of the brand's collectibles are Coca-Cola coolers. These coolers can take many forms, ranging from vintage coolers that used only ice to keep bottles cold to more modern electric coolers. These coolers can range is size from those designed for a six-pack of cans all the way to the walk-in variety. Coca-Cola chest coolers are large and sturdy enough to hold a case or more of chilled Coke products, making them ideal for days at the beach or tailgating before your team's football game. These coolers are often metal, featuring the company's iconic cursive script written on the side on the cooler's red body. Coca-Cola picnic coolers tend to be smaller, holding a 12-pack or less. Although some have metal construction, others are soft-sided coolers that are easy to carry. Coca-Cola fans can find whatever cooler they desire by searching through the vast inventory on eBay. So, when planning your next outing, whether to the lake or a short vacation, consider taking along a Coca-Cola cooler to show your loyalty to one of America's best-known brands.