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Mazda RX-8 Clutches and Parts

Mazda released the RX-8 in 2003. Mazda produced this sports vehicle with a rotary engine until 2012. One aspect of routine maintenance for a car with a manual transmission is checking its clutches and parts.

What is the pilot bearing's function on a Mazda RX-8?

The pilot bearing on your Mazda rotary rear-wheel-drive model supports the transmission shaft and centers the clutch disk. It enables the flywheel on the Mazda RX-8 to keep the RPMs at superior speed. The seal keeps clutch material out of the Mazda's bearings. As you press the Mazda's clutch, the friction material gradually wears away. If that material gets into the bearing on your RX-8, it can wear it out and destroy the shaft end on the clutch system.

What are the parts of the Mazda RX-8 clutch system?

The full clutch component on the Mazda RX-8 consists of numerous parts integral to the smooth operation of its manual drive train. The clutch is a type of friction material, like a brake pad, that offers a power shift from the Mazda's engine to the transmission. It moves your RX-8’s wheels.

Moving from the Mazda's interior outward, the system and its parts function as follows:

  • The coupe's clutch pedal starts the operation on your Mazda RX-8. It connects to the hydraulic master cylinder.
  • In the RX-8's engine compartment, the clutch's bell housing bolts to the engine block.
  • The Mazda's flywheel is in the bell housing of the drive train. It connects through the crankshaft to the RX-8's motor, and it moves in conjunction with the engine.
  • A clutch disk mounts up to the flywheel. The disk has a central spine that inserts into the input shaft of the coupe's powertrain. It spins freely.
  • From there, the Mazda RX-8's pressure plate bolts on to hold the disk in place, and the throw-out bearing provides the pressure required for it all to move. When you press the Mazda's clutch pedal, the throw-out bearing forces the pressure plate to move back and forth to engage the disk to the flywheel and engine.
When is it necessary to replace a Mazda clutch pedal?

Clutch pedals are a strong component of your vehicle's clutch system. As with any machinery, however, your Mazda RX-8's pedal may wear out and need replacement. Usually, if you notice sponginess or play in your Mazda's pedal, it is a result of the internal mechanism of your RX-8's clutch system. Since the pedal is the visible part of the system inside your Mazda, you will have to gauge the condition by the appearance and functionality of the Mazda RX-8's pedal itself.

What does the Mazda RX-8 master cylinder do?

The Mazda's clutch master cylinder houses a supply of brake fluid. Hoses connect it to the slave cylinder. When you press your RX-8's clutch pedal, brake fluid moves from the master to the slave cylinder. This movement creates the necessary pressure to engage the Mazda RX-8's clutch. It drives the coupe's wheels.