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Mazda 3 Clutches and Parts

Replacing the Mazda 3's clutch is an important upkeep item that will keep your car driving with precision. This staple of a car's transmission has a number of features; read on to learn more.

What is a clutch?

Whether your Mazda 3 is manual or automatic, this component is an extremely important part of your car. This item is basically a friction disc. It is found in between the flywheel and the pressure plate. This part is a necessity since the engine is always spinning while turned on, but your car’s wheels are not. This piece allows the power, or torque, to be transferred from the transmission to the engine, and also allows the engine and wheels to operate independently from one another.

Once you have engaged this part, and your vehicle is in gear, power is transferred from your engine to your car’s transmission. By pressing down on the pedal, the friction disc becomes disengaged from the flywheel. This process momentarily disengages your Mazda 3’s engine from the transmission, which allows your vehicle to shift in and out of gear. Without this essential component, your car would not be able to be driven anywhere. Keeping it in proper working order is one of the most imperative processes to ensure your Mazda 3 runs as wonderfully as the first day you drove it.

How do you know when to replace the clutch?

This specific part wears out over time. There are several symptoms to look for when deciding if it is time for a replacement model. Changing gears might become more difficult. Your car’s engine might rev, but the speed you are traveling at fails to increase, or your car may fail to move at all.

The time frame to replace this component can vary widely. As opposed to other parts, clutches do not have a specified replacement mileage or time frame. Factors relating to it wearing out may be dependent on typical driving conditions and amount of use. Many will last for well over 100,000 miles before they start to wear out and need replacing. If your Mazda is used in heavy traffic, in hilly areas, is more performance-oriented, or is a manual transmission, this item may wear out faster.

How do you select the right replacement part for your Mazda 3?

Keep the year, engine size, and any other identifying specifications for your vehicle in mind. Carefully read through the product descriptions to ensure the replacement accessory will work and fit properly for your specific make, model, and year of Mazda 3.

What are the different types of clutches available?

This component comes in a variety of different versions.

  • Basic friction: Typically seen in cars
  • Wet and dry: Used in high torque situations
  • Multiplate: Produces amplified friction seen in Formula 1 race cars
  • Dual systems: Popular among the premium car market and eradicates the use of a torque converter
  • Electromagnetic and electrohydraulic: Used in larger-scale mechanical operations