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Ford Ranger Clutches & Parts

If your Ford Ranger clutch stops working properly, changing gears becomes less efficient and more difficult. For the long-term health and gas mileage of your truck, you need a fully working clutch. Fortunately, you can easily find and replace these Ford Ranger parts as needed.

How do Ford Ranger clutches work?

In both manual and automatic trucks, clutches let you change your vehicle's gears or shift into neutral. They do this by taking pressure off the car's transmission, temporarily relieving it from engine power. The Ford Ranger clutch consists of three main parts you can replace separately or together. In addition, car accessories, such as the clutch bearing and clutch alignment tool, help to hold these Ford parts in place.

  • Clutch disk: The Ford Ranger's main clutch disk looks like a thin metal plate. It has notches on the outer rim and four coils arranged in a square on the inside. This Ford part rests against the flywheel which moves under engine power. When engaged, this disk applies pressure and spins along with the Ford truck's flywheel. Because this Ranger part receives a large amount of friction, disks wear out over time. Depending on usage, all cars eventually need new clutch disks.
  • Pressure cover: This Ford part rests over the clutch disk, encasing it inside a metal barrier that also holds the clutch mechanism together as a whole. The cover absorbs and applies pressure to your Ford Ranger's clutch disk.
  • Slave cylinder: This central cylinder fits in the middle of the Ford Ranger clutch assembly. It responds to outside commands like applying or releasing pressure to the disk as needed to engage or disengage.
  • Bearing: The cylinder fits into a circular bearing which holds it in place. If this Ford part wears out, you can replace it without having to replace any other pieces.
  • Clutch alignment tool: You will usually find this tool included in Ford Ranger clutch kits. Although not technically part of the clutch, this part allows you to properly align the other Ford clutch parts. After installation, you can set this piece aside.
How can you find the right Ford Ranger parts?

If you need to replace all or part of your Ford Ranger clutch, here are the key facts to keep in mind.

  • Year: Because the Ford Ranger line includes a broad range of Ford models, you must narrow your search by year.
  • Transmission type: In addition to year, also make sure to search by Ford build and transmission type. The Ford Ranger includes both automatic and manual vehicle options. Different Ford options such as electric, gas, and diesel engines may require different parts.
  • Parts or kit: Depending on where the problem is with your Ford transmission, you may choose to get individual parts or a kit. If choosing a kit, always make sure it has at least those parts you need to replace. Some offers focus on specific Ranger clutch accessories, such as slave cylinders and bearings. Other offers include all the Ford parts and accessories needed for Ranger clutch assembly.